The 3 Things Chef Steve Learned on Sabbatical

After 10 years of working in our kitchen, Chef Steve took a well-deserved sabbatical this summer.

Chef Steve was back in our kitchen on Monday though, and took some time to share with us the 3 things he learned while on his break:

  • He can't relax. 'But, that's why my job at Miriam's Kitchen is so great. There's always so much going on with no time to rest.' Instead of resting during his sabbatical like he was supposed to, Chef Steve worked 50-hour weeks gutting and rebuilding his new home.
  • Miriam's Kitchen is a big part of his life. The first thing he said when he returned was how much he missed our volunteers and guests (a curious omission of how much he missed the staff though...)
  • After 10 years in the same job, Chef Steve said he won't start accepting the status quo. He's coming back with a desire to improve the management of the kitchen, push the kitchen to make even healthier meals, and source even better ingredients from partnerships with places like Whole Foods Foggy Bottom. He's also really excited to get back in the kitchen with volunteers who are as committed to our guests as he is.

So while he didn't have any life-changing revelations to share, Chef Steve did come to realize what we already knew about him: he's a bit too energetic to handle at 6 in the morning and very demanding in the kitchen, but the volunteers and guests at Miriam's Kitchen mean more to him than he'll ever admit again.

BONUS: Here's how we welcomed Chef Steve back: a staff performance of Double Dream hands. (He's lucky we love him.)