MK's Famous Black Bean Burgers


Black beans                2 cans (drained, rinsed or 1 lb. dry beans, soaked and cooked)      

Onions (small dice)     1 c.

Peppers (small dice)    1 c.

Garlic (minced)            2 cloves

Ground Cumin             2 ½ T.

Sweet Risotto with Fruit

This is a unique take on rice pudding using Arborio rice and preparing it is somewhat how you would a risotto. Remember, the rice texture should be a little crunchy. You can serve this prepared ahead, cold in the hot weather, or hot in the cold weather coming right off the stove. Change the fruit toppings based on the season.

3 cups Whole Milk
¼ cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
1 Vanilla Bean
Dash Salt
1 Tbsp Unsalted Butter
½ cup Arborio Rice
1 Orange, zest and juice
½ cup Coconut Milk
2 cups Seasonal Fruit

Recipe: Late Summer Ratatouille (Serves 4-6)


Recipe: Orange Ginger Glazed Salmon