An Election Recap from our Guests

Election week has been quite a whirlwind for all of us. It has been especially interesting for our homeless guests at Miriam’s Kitchen.

We talked with guests today and heard about their election experiences:

“I voted 3 weeks ago in early voting so my vote would count!”

“I woke up early so I could get to the polls before everyone else.  It was cold, but I'm usually outside anyways.”

“Of course I voted. I believe it’s important to have a part in selecting who represents our country.”

“You know…I think I could do a great job as President, so I wrote myself in.”

“I have a felony record so I’m not allowed to vote, but I wish I could have voiced my opinions.”

One of our guests, Paul, even shared “I definitely kept my vote sticker and have it in a safe place.  I even took a photo of my sticker from the 2008 election so I have it as a special memory.”

Miriam's Kitchen worked hard this election season to make sure our guests were well informed about voting.  The National Coalition for the Homeless visited us and hosted a special Life Skills class during our Wednesday Cafe to inform guests about voting rights and registration.  We were also well stocked on voting registration forms at our case management desk and shared information with guests about polling places near shelters.  And the People for Fairness Coalition, our guest-led advocacy group, walked from table to table in our dining room to encourage fellow guests to get out their vote.

No matter the day, we continue to learn from and be inspired by our guests. And no matter what your political viewpoints are, we are glad that you continue to be part of our community and vision to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC.