How to Survive an Earthquake, Miriam's Kitchen Style

Well, this has been an eventful week.

Miriam's Kitchen shook like a leaf during the earthquake, but we're all safe and sound.

Just in case we get another jolt though, we want to make sure you learn from our experiences. Here are our 5 tips for surviving the next earthquake:

1. Batten down the hatches! All that cereal you generously donated this summer? Tumbled off the shelves into a big heap. (It's still useable though!)

2. Don't panic. Fleeing to the outdoors really isn't a good idea. Instead, duck under a doorway or sturdy desk. Only one of us here actually knew what to do and jumped under her desk. The rest of us? Ran outside screaming.

3. Have a plan. Many of our phones weren't working right after the earthquake. But, we were able to let our guests and volunteers know we were still open for dinner through Twitter and Facebook. Because of that, we had staff and a great volunteer crew providing dinner and services to 109 guests the night of the earthquake.

4. Don't launch a new website without warning. We're pretty sure we caused the earthquake when this beauty went online at 1:51 pm.

5. Remember to tell the people you care about just how much they mean to you. We dodged a bullet on Tuesday and are lucky no one was seriously injured. It's a reminder to take the time to say a few, 'I love you's'.

Which is really the point of this email. You mean a lot to us here at Miriam's Kitchen, and we're so grateful to you for doing all you can for our guests.

As many of us were scrambling to find a way home to our loved ones, our guests were making their way to Miriam's Kitchen--to their home away from home. Thanks for making it possible for us to provide them that home.