Meals Program

Food is the first step in our mission.

It brings our guests in. Our guests first come to us for our great food, but once they're with us we can begin to help them beyond meeting their basic needs.

It honors their dignity. The quality of food that our chefs produce shows our guests that we care enough to do more than is expected, which helps us build the trust that is critical to our work.

It brings our community closer. By offering opportunities to volunteer in our kitchen, donate fresh food and learn more about the issues our guests face, our Meals Program is a way to develop understanding between our guests and our community.

It matters to our guests' survival. Nutrition is critical to the health of our guests, especially because so many of them struggle with serious physical and mental health issues.

Meals are served at Miriam's Kitchen every weekday. In 2013, we served 71,948 meals. Breakfast is served between 6:30-8 am and dinner is served between 4:45-5:45 pm.  All of our food is made with fresh ingredients that include whole grains, fresh meats, and local and organic fruit and vegetables.

Because much of our food is donated to us by local farmers markets and grocery stores, we are able to keep our food costs to less than $1 per meal.