MK In The News

MK In The News

Miriam's Kitchen in the News, 2014

Miriam's Kitchen Broadens Reach Into Housing (Washington Business Journal, 7/8/14)
On Pace: Ending Veteran Homelessness in D.C. (WTOP, 7/1/14)
Miriam's Kitchen Hosts 2014 Mission Possible Gala (Capitol File, 6/17/14)
Advocates See Victories for Homeless in Budget, While Youth Funding is Still Lacking (DCist, 5/29/14)
The Homeless Need Help During the Warm Weather, Too (WRC News 4 MidDay, 5/20/14)
Miriam's Kitchen Carves Out New Award for Senator Chris Murphy
(Roll Call, 4/22/14)
Two Homeless People Freeze to Death Just Miles from the White House (Think Progress, 4/17/14)
Coalition Praises Budget Committment to End Veteran Homelessness, But Seeks More for Entire Population
(DCist, 4/4/14)
Actors Will Voice Stories Written By the Homeless, Tonight at Theatre J (DCist, 4/4/14)
Picture Perfect, and Imperfect (New You, 4/1/14)
Homeless Lives: Unforgettable Personal Stories (NewsChannel 8, 3/31/14)
District Hopes to End Homelessness By 2017 (WUSA9, 3/28/14)
Life After Homelessness: Examining D.C.'s Homeless Crisis (WUSA9, 3/27/14)
Homeless Lives: Unforgettable Personal Stories (HuffingtonPost, 3/27/14)
Area Group Aims to Help D.C.'s Homeless Seniors (Northwest Current, 3/15/14)
Painting the Way Home (Street Sense, 3/12/14)
Greek Chef Spreads "Good Food and Love" at Miriam's Kitchen (The Diplomat, 3/7/14)
In Just 100 Days, DC Finds Homes for More Than 200 Homeless Veterans (Think Progress, 2/28/14)
Veterans NOW Coalition On Track to House Over 400 Homeless Veterans in D.C. By March 31 (DCist, 2/27/14)
Good Deed Tuesday: S.E.A.R. (Johnna Knows Good Food, 2/25/14)
National Restaurant Associoation Hosts Dinner for NonProfits Aiding Homeless (National Restaurant Association, 2/24/14)
In Love, Married -- and Homeless (WAMU's Metro Connection, 2/14/14)
Sweetness On Demand (Steet Sense, 2/14/14)
Effort to End Homelessness Gains D.C. Council Support (Dupont Current, 2/5/14)
Congress Finally Passes Farm Bill After Two Years (, 2/4/14)
The Bone-Chilling, Heart-Wrenching Process of Counting the Nation's Homeless (Think Progress, 1/31/14)
Coalition Launches Campaign to End Chronic Homelessness in D.C. By 2017 (DCist, 1/30/14)
Neighbors Team Up to End Homelessness in D.C. (GW Hatchet, 1/30/14)
Groups to Undertake Count of D.C. Homeless Next Week (Northwest Current, 1/22/14)
At Miriam's Kitchen, Advocate Encourages Outdoor "Campers" to Come in From Frigid Cold (Washington Post, 1/7/14)
Homeless Advocates and Shelters Gearing Up for Cold Snap (Washington Post, 1/6/14)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2013

Miriam's Kitchen Makes Christmas Meals (WTTG, 12/25/13) 
Miriam's Kitchen Serves Christmas Meals to Needy (WJLA, 12/25/13)
Miriam's Kitchen Serves Breakfast to Homeless on Christmas Morning (WTOP, 12/25/13)
Advocates for Homeless Observe National Memorial Day
(Washington Post, 12/21/13)
Advocates March in Honor of Lives Lost, Homelessness Awareness (WUSA, 12/20/13)
Will We Let Homeless People Die on the Street?
(Foggy Bottom Current) 12/18/13
Seven Worst Ways to Give to Give to Charity Over the Holidays (Washington Post), 11/25/13)
After 30 Years of Meals and Support, Miriam's Kitchen Eyes a Bigger Target: End Homelessness (GW Hatchet, 11/25/13)
Giving Back: A Guide to Volunteering in Washington, D.C. (Conscious Magazine, 11/25/13)
US Veterans Mark Holiday By Serving Meals to Homeless Vets (Voice of America, 11/12/13)
Veterans Use Holiday to Help Homeless Vets (, 11/11/13)
Miriam's Kitchen Spotlights Service Members for Veterans Day (WAMU, 11/11/13)
Gleaning and Feeding: Using Leftovers from Markets to Feed the Homeless (, 11/4/13)
How I Changed My Organization's Focus (Washington Business Journal, 11/1/13)
D.C. Winter Homeless Preparations, (WTTG, 10/29/13)
Announcing the 28th Annual Mayor's Arts Awards Winners (Art 202, 10/22/13)
D.C. Nonprofit Miriam's Kitchen Changes Its Focus (Washington Business Journal, 10/19/13)
Miriam's Kitchen Celebrates 30 Years of Helping (Street Sense, 10,15/13)
Squirrels and Weeds Take Over White House Garden (Politico, 10/14/13)
Tired of Museums Being Closed? Here's Art From the Heart (Georgetown Patch, 10/7/13)
Miriam's Kitchen: Beat the "Shutdown Blues" by Volunteering (, 10/5/13)
Advocates Say Efforts to Reduce Chronic Homelessness Have Stalled Under Gray (Washington Post, 10/1/13)
Six First Jobs (Biznow, 8/27/13)
D.C. heat: Homeless group warns of heat-related dangers (WJLA, 7/16/13) 
Hero Central: Miriam’s Kitchen Breaks the Ice with the Homeless (WUSA, 7/15/13)
Miriam’s Kitchen Curbside Cook-off in D.C. (NewsChannel8, 7/11/13)
DC's homeless need supportive housing (The Northwest Current, 5/22/13)
Miriam's Kitchen welcomes homeless on snowy days (WJLA, 3/6/13)
Because We Matter (Why Theater Matters, 2/15/2013)
Professional chefs set the tone at local soup kitchen (GW Hatchet, 2/14/13)
Miriam's Kitchen (GW Hatchet, 2/14/13)
Miriam's Kitchen Fine-Tunes Menu For '100 Bowls of Compassion 2013' (Washington Diplomat, 2/5/13) 
At Miriam’s Kitchen, chefs serve up gourmet meals and compassion to D.C.’s homeless (Washington Post, 1/17/13)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2012
'Stories From The Kitchen' Brings Homeless Residents' Stories To The Stage (WAMU 88.5, 12/14/12)
Old Guard Soldiers work to combat homelessness in DC (United States Army News Archive, 12/13/12)
The George Washington University Hospital “Gives Back” This Holiday Season (George Washington University Hospital, 12/12/12)
Opinion: Every day should be Veterans Day (CNN, 11/9/12)
Partnership Leads to New Beginning for Homeless Veterans (Huffington Post, 11/9/12)
D.C. arm wrestling team: Strong-arming for a cause (WJLA, 11/8/12)
Pagans, Tarot Community, Raise Funds for Sandy Relief (Wild Hunt, 11/5/12)
"Hunger Games" to Help the Homeless (O'Connell News, 10/29/12)
Passionate testimony fills 4-hour Housing Task Force hearing (Greater Greater Washington, 10/26/12)
Roasted Salmon Recipe with Coffee BBQ Sauce (Home Goes Strong, 8/22/12)
Like a Good Neighbor (Street Sense, 8/21/12)
Erica's Story (eJewish Philanthropy, 8/5/12)
European Union Sponsors Dinner Event for DC Homeless (Examiner, 6/29/12)
Stretching Past Homelessness with Yoga (Street Sense, 5/17/12)
100 Bowls of Compassion at Miriam's Kitchen (Mollytics, 5/11/12)
Giving Poverty a Voice Through Voting (Street Sense, 5/1/12)
Charity Spotlight: Miriam's Kitchen (Washington Life, 4/16/12)
Seeds of Change: White House Kitchen Garden's Influence (Washington Post, 3/26/12)
Non-Profit Provides Seven Week of Leave, Paid Sabbaticals (Washington Post, 3/18/12)
Miriam's Kitchen Earns Media Attention with Amazon Wish Lists (Nonprofit Roundtable, 3/13/12)
Spring Art Show Celebrates Homeless Creativity (Street Sense, 3/6/12)
Miriam's Kitchen: Art Therapy (Street Sense, 2/15/12)
Miriam's Kitchen Annual Gala: A Preview (Dishes to Die For, 1/29/12)
'A Christmas Carol' Audiences Raise More Than $83,000 for Miriam's Kitchen (Ford's Theatre, 1/4/12)
DC Tweeps 2011: Finally, the Winners (Washington Post, 1/3/12)
Featured Charity: Miriam's Kitchen (America's Charities, 1/2/12)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2011
Pledging a Serving of Love to Miriam's Kitchen (Food Safety News, 12/25/11)
DC Tweeps 2011: Q & A with 2010 Favorite Nonprofit Miriam's Kitchen (Washington Post, 12/12/11)
Miriam's Kitchen Takes on a Finnish Flavor (Washington Post, 11/23/11)
Some Shelters Dish Out Organic Thanksgiving to Homeless (USA Today, 11/21/11)
At Miriam's Kitchen, the Case Work is Why the Kitchen Exists (, 8/4/11)
Get Out and Give Back: Cooking with Miriam's Kitchen (Washington Life, 8/1/11)
My First Day (The Chase Project, 7/20/11)
COK Helps DC Soup Kitchen Serve Meat-Free Meals on Fridays! (Voices of Compassion, 7/12/11)
Why Miriam's Kitchen (Church Lady Cake Diaries, 7/8/11)
15 Cities in 45 Days: Washington, DC (, July 2011)
The Art of Giving (Foodservice Monthly, 7/1/11)
Charities Use Amazon's Wish List for Needed Goods (Chronicle of Philanthropy, 7/1/11)
Miriam's Kitchen! (BisNow, 6/28/11)
The DC Foodies Do Good Group Volunteers at Miriam's Kitchen (DCeventjunkie, 4/30/11)
Miriam's Kitchen Poets & Artists Celebrate Courageous Vision (Street Sense, 4/27/11)
Miriam's Kitchen (CW Philanthropy, 3/31/11)
Serving Up Beauty (Street Sense, 3/2/11) 

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2010
Charity Leaders Win $100,000 Grants (Washington Post, 9/28/10)
DC Chef Does Demo at Annapolis Mall (, 9/11/10)
A Kitchen Full of Hope and Hearts (AARP Blog, 8/17/10)
Friday's Heroes: Miriam's Kitchen (WUSA9, 8/6/10)
Meatless Mondays (and Fridays) in DC (, 8/2/10)
A Day in the Life of a Soup Kitchen (Chronicle of Philanthropy, 7/22/10)
What's In Your Fridge: Miriam's Kitchen (Brightest Young Things, 5/13/10)
What's Cookin' at Miriam's Kitchen (Big Read, 4/17/10)
DC Foodies Do Good (Fox 5 News, 3/29/10)
Michelle Obama, Healthy Eating, and Our Church's Homeless Kitchen (Huffington Post, 3/8/10)
New Program at Miriam's Kitchen Offers More Than a Meal (Street Sense, 3/3/10)
He Trained in the Restaurant Industry, and Now Serves the Homeless (Voice of America, 2/17/10)
Surprisingly Good for a Soup Kitchen (NPR, 2/15/10)
Community Soup Kitchen Helps Those in Need (WRGW, 2/11/10)
Local Homeless Shelters Remain Open in Blizzard Conditions (GW Hatchet, 2/10/10)
Miriam's Kitchen Open for Dinner (DC Food for All, 2/10/10)
Miriam's Kitchen Remains Open as a Beacon for the Homeless (, 2/9/10)
2 Truths & 1 Lie: Miriam's Kitchen Special Edition (barley&birch, 1/28/10)
Local Homeless Shelter to Begin Offering New Services (GW Hatchet, 1/19/10)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2009
When the First Lady Shows Up... (BisNow, 12/3/09)
Steve Badt (The District Dish, 11/23/09)
A Bountiful Buzz (New York Times, 11/4/09)
The White House Kitchen Garden By The Numbers (Obama Foodorama, 10/31/09)
Soup Kitchen Yoga (, 9/30/09)
Case Study: Miriam's Kitchen (, 9/28/09)
For Homeless, Serenity Arrives on a Yoga Mat (Washington Post, 9/11/09)
Homeless in America (Politics Daily, 9/9/09)
@DCTwestival Beneficiary Miriam's Kitchen Gets Social (The Buzz Bin, 8/13/09)
Miriam's Kitchen (Tactility, 8/10/09)
Spotlight: Miriam's Kitchen (, 7/29/09)
The Gift of Humanity (Modern Age Mom, 7/23/09)
DC's Miriam's Kitchen Rides Social Media Wave (Washington Business Journal, 7/17/09)
Best Places To Work...No. 6 (Washington Business Journal, 6/5/09)
Art Lights the Way at Miriam's Kitchen (Street Sense, 5/27/09)
The National Review Says... (Obama Foodorama, 5/19/09)
Michelle Obama Lauds Service of UNCG Alumna (UNC Greensboro, 5/19/09)
A Night of Terrific Food for a Terrific Cause (Obama Foodorama, 5/1/09)
The First Garden's First Supper (Washington Post, 4/29/09)
Making Themselves At Home Beyond the White House Walls (Washington Post, 4/29/09)
Lawyer Donations Keep Legal Clinic Afloat (Washington Post, 4/24/09)
Nation Needs Youthful Idealism More Than Ever (USA Today, 4/14/09)
On DC Streets, the Cellphone as Lifeline (Washington Post, 3/23/09)
Growth in Overall DC Homeless Population (WAMU 88.5 FM, 3/18/09)
After Michelle Obama (The Ethicurean, 3/11/09)
Michelle Obama's Agenda Includes Healthful Eating (New York Times, 3/10/09)
Michelle Obama Serves Lunch at Soup Kitchen (Huffington Post, 3/5/09)
At Miriam's Kitchen, Michelle Obama Feeds and Mingles with the Homeless (Washington Post, 3/5/09)
Michelle Obama Serves Lunch at DC Nonprofit (The Caucus: New York Times Blog, 3/5/09)
Straining the Safety Net (WAMU 88.5 FM Metro Connection, 2/6/09)
Treating Homelessness for the Long Term (Spotlight on Poverty, 2/3/09)
Fatally Beaten Homeless Man Lives On In The Songs He Sang (Washington Post, 1/10/09)
Nonprofits Keeping Tabs on Success (WAMU 88.5 FM Marketplace, 1/2/09)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2008
Homeless In An Economic Storm (Anderson Cooper 360 Blog, 10/28/08)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2007
Morning Program Gives Fledgling Artists A Place To Grow (Street Sense, 11/28/07)
Dignity on the Menu (Washington Post, 5/2/07)
Serving up Love (Everyday People Magazine, 2007)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2006
Range Rovers (Washington Post Express, 11/8/06)

Miriam's Kitchen In The News, 2005
On A Day Of Overindulgence, A Simple Breakfast (Examiner, 11/25/05)
Homelessness in a Land of Plenty (BBC, 1/11/05)