Guest Feedback:
"You see people come in here and they want to yell and pick a fight. It's like they expect to be treated badly. Then, you see them start talking to people here and they see it's not like that [at Miriam's Kitchen]. It's like they get to be a whole different person." --MK guest

"I could go to other organizations that are closer to where I stay, but I come to Miriam's Kitchen because I feel like a human being every time I walk through those doors. Everyone is so friendly here...from the [case managers] to the kitchen." --MK guest

"When I had no place to go, Miriam's Kitchen was there for me." --MK guest

"I think it's a dream when I wake up and have a roof over my head and a door to lock. I thank God every day for Miriam's Kitchen." --MK guest

"Miriam's Kitchen makes people feel human. They listen to us." --MK guest

"If you're alone, Miriam's Kitchen will make sure you have friends that steer you the right way." --MK guest

"Any success that I've had, Miriam's Kitchen was a part of." --MK guest

"Every morning I wake up, I think of Miriam's Kitchen and what they did for me." --MK guest

Volunteer Feedback:
"In so many other volunteer experiences you just get put in the back, but at Miriam's Kitchen you get to be up front and feel that you are really making a difference." --MK volunteer Christine Friedberg

"You can tell that all it takes to brighten [a guests'] day is having someone ask how they're doing. It's such a rewarding feeling to be part of that at Miriam's Kitchen." --MK volunteer Olivia Terpstra

"Miriam's Kitchen is a phenomenal organization. The experience was enriching, enlightening and inspiring." --MK volunteer Warren Romine

"Miriam's Kitchen has at its heart practical, effective care which, in my mind, makes it an appropriate example for successful homeless care in a large city." --MK volunteer Ben Vipond

Donor Feedback:
"Miriam's Kitchen represents the best that our community has to offer, and it demonstrates just how much we can achieve when we unite around a common purpose." --First Lady Michelle Obama

Awards & Recognition:
2013 Washingtonian 50 Great Places to Work 
2013 Mayor's Art Award for Innovation in the Arts
2013 Street Sense Founder's Award
2011 Washingtonian 50 Best Places to Work
2011/2012 Catalogue for Philanthropy Best Small Charities
2010 Meyer Foundation Exponent Award
2010 Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work in Greater Washington
2009 Washington Business Journal Best Place to Work in Greater Washington
2009 Washington City Paper Best Place to Volunteer in DC
2008 Washingtonian Best Local Charities
2007/2008 Catalogue for Philanthropy Best Small Charities
2003/2004 Catalogue for Philanthropy Best Small Charities
2001 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management