Finding Love at a Soup Kitchen

Chocolate. Flowers. Sappy cards.  These are the usual suspects when trying to woo someone.

But did you ever think that hairnets, committee meetings and little bottles of shampoo could set the stage for romance? 

Geoff first came to Miriam’s Kitchen as a breakfast sous chef, racing around the kitchen to ensure meals were prepared on time and to perfection for our homeless guests. 

Kristi spent her time at “the front of the house” handing out much needed toiletries and chatting with guests who joined us for breakfast.

Though these two volunteers had a knack for waking up before sunrise to make sure our guests were cared for, it took yet another volunteer experience for the two to meet.  Geoff and Kristi both joined a committee to plan our annual gala, 100 Bowls of Compassion

After more than 6 months of planning Miriam’s Kitchen's biggest fundraiser, the two realized they shared even more in common than just volunteering and early mornings (though we think that’s a pretty great place to start!).

What followed is a storybook romance complete with laughter at dinner parties, long walks in Great Falls...and a sunset wedding this past summer in Toronto.  

When new folks visit Miriam’s Kitchen, they often remark about what a special community we have. It’s a place where our guests come for support.  A place where they feel welcome, happy and valued.

It turns out it’s quite a special place for volunteers too.  A place where volunteers come to serve and to cook; to find new friendships and even love. 

So on this day of love, we share our love with each of you and thank you for making Miriam's Kitchen a loving home for our guests.

Happy Valentine's Day.