Give In-Kind

Give In-Kind

Interested in helping us fill the needs of our guests? There are many ways to help. You can collect items and bring them to us or you can order items online. Please collect ONLY the items that we have listed. 

For tips on organizing a donation drive,    read more here.

Help us fill this month's needs by visiting our Amazon wishlist.

To donate art supplies, check out our list of needs here.

We need the following items year round! 

Men's pants - sizes M - XXL   
Ground regular coffee (no decaf, please)
Men's shoesCereal - whole grain, low sugar    
Men's tshirts and polosFlour - all purpose & whole wheat  
Men's sweatersSugar
Men's socks - NEWTea bags
Men's underwear - NEW Olive oil
* We don't accept women's or children's         Vinegar (all kinds)
clothing, but these organizations do.Bulk oatmeal (no packets please)
ToiletriesEssential Items
ToothbrushesSleeping bags
Disposable razorsFace towels
Shaving creamBackpacks
ShampooBottles of multi-vitamins
LotionBottles of ibuprofen

We are open for deliveries
Monday through Thursday ONLY between 7am - 6pm.
We are closed on weekends.

For more information about clothing and essential items:
Contact EJ deLara at

You can ship your donations to:
Miriam's Kitchen
Attn: EJ deLara
2401 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20037

For more information about in-kind food donations:
Contact the kitchen team at

You can ship your donations to:
Miriam's Kitchen
Attn: Ciji Wagner
2401 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20037