Guest Story: Florence

Florence first came to us five years ago. She was homeless and living under a bridge just a few miles from Miriam's Kitchen.

For the first year or so, Florence would come for breakfast, eat and leave. A debilitating mental illness and a history of trauma left her feeling distrustful of others, and even our Case Managers couldn't always connect with her.

They knew that having safe, reliable housing would have a big impact on her life though, and worked tirelessly to find a place for Florence to call her own.

After months of hard work, they found an apartment for Florence. Unfortunately, she wasn't yet ready to accept it.

Our Case Managers continued to build a trusting relationship with Florence. They saw flashes of the demons fighting inside of her that kept her out on the streets, but also glimmers of hope that one day she might be ready to accept the apartment that was waiting for her.

That day finally came in 2010. Christmas Eve to be exact.

Florence was ready to move inside.

The only hurdle remaining was making sure all of her clothes were freshly laundered. One of our Case Managers found an open laundromat and spent all day alongside Florence, washing her clothes and preparing her to sleep inside for the first time in four years.

By 5 pm on Christmas Eve, Florence was moved into her new home.

It's only with your support that we're able to serve guests like Florence. Thanks for helping to make their dreams come true.