The Importance of Mental Health

Most of our guests are living with a mental health issue.

Some of our guests have lived with severe and persistent mental illness (like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) for most of their lives, while others are experiencing issues like anxiety and depression because of the trauma associated with being homeless.

But because of you, we're able to provide the support our guests need.

  • Dr. Steve Steury (former Chief Clinical Officer at the Department of Mental Health and newest MK staff member) works to engage our guests who may not be connected with mental health services and offers psychiatric services including medication management.
  • Case Manager Lissa Ramsepaul leads a support group focused on engaging guests who may not be connected to mental health services but have experienced trauma.
  • The Department of Mental Health conducts weekly outreach in our dining room during both the morning and evening programs to ensure our guests know of the mental health services available in DC.
  • Our 10-member case management department (including 3 licensed social workers) provides support by listening, connecting guests to mental health services, and helping guests who may be in crisis.
  • We offer therapeutic groups in Miriam's Studio each weekday, including Art Therapy, writing and yoga--all designed to improve mental health.
  • Our services are provided with dignity and within a trusted community setting--making it more likely for our guests to ask for help in improving their mental health.


Please click here to better understand the mental health challenges our guests face. And if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.