The Miriam's Studio - Bringing what's on the inside out

“My paintbrush is more powerful than my voice, that’s why I like creating art at Miriam’s”

-Miriam’s Kitchen Guest 

In addition to our case management and meals programs, Miriam’s Kitchen offers a therapeutic studio program that includes creative writing, art therapy, and yoga.  Each day, more than 60 guests participate in these groups after breakfast and before dinner.

We often say that art therapy helps our guests "get what's on the inside out."  That means we give them a chance to express themselves in a safe, open community.  By seeing someone's artwork, or hearing their stories in writing groups, we're able to deepen our relationships with guests and learn more about the challenges they face.

Beyond offering a variety of therapeutic arts activities in the dining room, this year we’ve been proud to collaborate with many organizations who invite our guests into their communities.  Theater J, Young Playwrights Theater, Art Enables, and the Corcoran are just a few of our generous community partners.

Some may think hosting art shows is a clever ploy to get pastry chef Ann’s baked goods in abundance.  But the real reason we host several art extravaganzas a year is to build community and give our guests a chance to show off their artwork.  At a recent Miriam’s art show, one of our artists hosted his mother, preacher, and doctor and proudly showed his pieces adorning our dining room walls.

You can be part of our Studio at Miriam's Kitchen too!  Here are ways you can support our guests and artists: 

Donate arts supplies from our Wish List

Visit one of our current exhibits:

On the Campaign Trail, Corcoran’s Gallery 31

Outsider Art Inside the Beltway, Art Enables

Write Home Soon, The Art Museum of the Americas